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More Snowdrops

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

A brief respite from the dreadful wet weather brought a few hours of sunshine and suddenly the snowdrops seemed to be everywhere, glistening and sparkling in the pale winter light. Several of my favourites are already almost at their best. Fly Fishing which is so elegant and distinctive with its exceptionally long pedicel and tall scape making it look remarkably like a a tall fishing rod, has made a sizeable clump after only four years despite my raiding it to have some to sell this year. The Fieldgate series includes some beautiful snowdrops. An early flowering one is Fieldgate Prelude which has a distinct markings on its inner segment. This we have had for six years now and has multiplied very well. Another early favourite is Lapwing. After five years in a warm spot close to the house this beautifully marked snowdrop is another good doer and there would have been some for sale had we been able to open the garden as planned in February. It is sad not to be able to share our snowdrops this year but we hope that next year will be back to normal and in the meantime that bulbs will have multiplied and spread their message of resilience and hope.

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