Welcome to the garden at Knowle Hill Farm. The garden, situated 400 feet up on the north downs, has a spectacular view south over the Kentish Weald. It is rich in plants which thrive in warm, dry conditions and is full of interest all year round.

Early spring sees snowdrops, cyclamen, hellebores and spring bulbs. In high summer the garden is full of lavender, roses and agapanthus and late in the year there is a wonderful display of asters, grasses, cosmos and salvias which lasts until the first frosts. The garden is open under the National Gardens Scheme and for private parties by appointment.

Elizabeth Cairns

Images from 2020

The latest from ‘What’s looking good’

The latest postings from Elizabeth with the latest and regular news from the garden throughout the year.

Winter Gold

Snowdrops are gleaming in the garden now in time for our NGS open days tomorrow and Sunday 3rd and 4th February. i rather think some are flowering early this year perhaps because of the warm weather in December. Whatever the reason they are now looking wonderful and...

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Snowdrop Heaven

A few warm days and suddenly there they are - masses of them - their grey-green spikes pushing through the cold earth. It is extraordinary how one can be looking for favourite ones and see nothing there and then, almost as if a light had been switched on and they come...

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January Gold

January has hit us hard here in Kent with north east winds, bitter cold and snow which is still lying on the grass and decorating the garden with icy baubles clinging to leaves and branches. Snowdrops are mostly hidden under the snow but one corner of the garden is...

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