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After the deluge

by | May 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

After this last winter of endless rain at long last we have had a few days when the sun has shone and there has been no wind. Time to look around. This garden is usually very dry and to have so much rain in April and May has been a bonanza really and resulted in amazing growth not only of our recently planted trees and the precious herbaceous plants but of course the weeds have benefited too! Six foot high thistles seem to appear while you turn your back.

Almost everything has loved the rain and warmth and grown prodigiously. Everything except for salvias. Several have succumbed and rotted away which is a salutary reminder that one should always take cuttings of the most precious plants in the garden. i am hoping that the delectable Salvia Phyllis Fancy will show signs of life soon. it is a good idea not to give up hope too soon as sometimes the new shoots take time to appear.

Meanwhile the foxgloves are looking marvellous. Years of pulling up the pink ones means that almost all are gorgeous white ones. Ruthlessness pays sometimes. Peonies have also been sublime. Just now the glorious yellow Barzella is in full bloom. Earlier on the Peony rockii that I grew from seed a long time ago looked superb. Alas they last such a short time. Now i am waiting for Sarah Bernhardt’s lush, frilly candy pink flowers to appear.

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