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Mud, mud, mud

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

This incessant rain is rather dispiriting. We have had more than 3 inches of rain this month already and even our usually well drained soil is soaking. I hardly dare walk on the flower beds as my feet leave soggy prints which can’t be quickly raked away. But still the snowdrops must be cosseted and prettified, the soil around them freshened and intruding foliage cut away so that they can be admired in all their beauty as they bravely force their way towards the light.

Several of my favourites are showing themselves. Fly Fishing, so named for its elegantly held flowers on long pedicels, is very nearly in full flower. Priscilla Bacon, a very nice bold snowdrop has developed into a sizeable clump in the three years I have had her and I have now moved her closer to the path the better to admire her beautifully textured flowers.

It is always a relief to see the first shoots of last year’s extravagant acquisitions appearing. Modern Art seems to be alive and well as is E.A. Bowles, named after the great plantsman which tempted me with its lustrous six petals. Ecusson D’or has just appeared. I don’t usually go for yellow flowered snowdrops but I fell for the yellow markings on the outer petals of this one.

This is such an exciting time of the year and we all need something hopeful to keep our spirits up just now.

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