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Lovely Lilies

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

August here is the time for lilies. I adore L. Regale as it has the most wonderful scent. We have grown it in pots for some years as they never seemed to flourish when planted out. We stand them near the seats where their scent can be appreciated. This year we have suffered from horrible winds which reduced them to tatters so I think perhaps I will try planting them in the border again and hope they survive in the ground where they will be supported by surrounding perennials. Many years ago I planted a lily which I think is Stargazer in front of the house and it has multiplied, never seems to suffer from disease or pests (so long as we keep an eye on the lily beetles and give it plentiful manure) and it smells delicious. Jaques Armand describes this lily as one of the best lilies that has ever been introduced and it is certainly the best of any here. Another great favourite is Henryii, a beautiful soft orange and very vigorous. Alas it as no scent but you can’t have everything. After probably 20 years it has made a tremendous clump and is completely trouble free.

Lilium Henryii

Lilium Stargazer
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