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Brilliant Berries

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

Not all is gloom in the garden even now in dank November. The berries and fruit are especially wonderful this year, perhaps because of last year’s mild winter which allowed more pollinating insects to survive. Cratageus prunifolia was spectacular though now past its best but it has been surpassed by its cousin Cratageus lavallei which is smothered in the brightest sherbet orange/pink berries to such an extent that we worry its branches may break under the weight. Almost as bright are the fruit of Malus ‘Evereste’. This is the most beautiful small tree which is delectable both when its rose pink buds and white flowers smother it in May and now when its branches are loaded with sunset coloured fruit. Cotoneasters are looking splendid now. We have the yellow berries of C. Rothschildeanus. scarlet clusters of C. lacteus and masses of crimson berries wishing down an enormous tree of C. ‘Cornubia’. I should not forget to mention our Sorbus huphensis which has large clusters of pink fruits and hangs attractively over the yew hedge.