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A festival of snowdrops

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Our NGS open days have come and gone. The weather was reasonably kind and we enjoyed seeing old friends and some new ones too united in a love for these remarkable plants which provide cheerfulness and hope on gloomy days.

Our copse is now filling up with snowdrop nivalis and sparkles beautifully when the sun is out. Some special later flowering snowdrops are in full bloom. I especially love Natalie Garton a robust and handsome lady with the fine grey foliage of her Elwesii forbears. An interestingly lovely snowdrop I got from Graham Gough only three years ago which now looks very striking is Marchants Lime Pea. It has lime green ovaries, hence its name. My all time favourite, Augustus, is now in full flower. Low growing with glossy dark green leaves and a beautiful balance of frost-white goblet shaped flowers to leaf. It is unfussy and spreads nicely. An old snowdrop but really one of the best.