What's Looking Good

The garden is open

by | Nov 12, 2020 | General

Now that the lockdown has been relaxed we have decided to allow people to visit the garden though they will of course need to observe the safety rules. We will open for the NGS on 19th and 20th July 12.0 – 5.0 and anyone who wishes to come then should go to the NGS website and apply for a ticket.
If you would prefer to come on another day please contact us as usual by telephone or email to make an appointment.
It is sad that garden events have had to be cancelled since March because never has the garden looked so good! The combination of plentiful rain in the spring and wonderful warmth later on has produced wonderful results. The roses have been superb and everything in the garden has grown and flourished as never before
The icing on the cake has been the return of the swifts to nest in our eaves in record numbers. They give the most incredible displays of their aeronautical skills round the house and lift our spirits with their cries.
We hope a lot of people will come and share our pleasure in the garden this summer.