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Peonies to die for

by | May 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

It is hard to decide what is the best thing about the month of May but I think peonies must win the prize. The early tree peony Lutea, its yellow flowers gone almost before you have seen them, our various plants of seed grown (I know I should not boast but I am rather proud of them) P. delavayi in shades of crimson, P rockii luscious with its pure white papery petals and wine stained centre and now the herbaceous varieties are coming into their time of glory. Sarah Bernhardt with huge blooms in gorgeous soft pink, Coral Sunset which fades from soft apricot to almost white as it ages and a new acquisition Emma Klehm which is a beautiful shade of carmine. How I adore them all. I count the buds to discover how much pleasure lies in store and visit each one every day to enjoy their extravagant beauty. If only May could last a little longer.

Coral Sunset