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Geums are gorgeous

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

This is a spectacular year for Geums. These little plants with their delightful daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow, orange, pink and gold really light up the garden just when it is missing the colour and vibrancy of the tulips and narcissi. They have seemingly delighted in the cold spring and the subsequent drought and burst into life when the long awaited rain fell at the end of May. We are not far from national collection holder of geums, Sue Martin, so over the years we have acquired quite a number of plants from her. Apart from Mrs Bradshaw with her deep scarlet flowers held on wiry 2 foot stems `I especially love the orange long flowering Princes Juliana and apricot Hilltop Beacon which having been divided last winter is making a spectacular show now and I hope will continue all summer.